Loring Gibson

Growth Champion

Estland’s Sell-ebrity

Born and raised in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia, Loring Gibson is equal parts creator, caretaker and collaborator.

From an early age, Loring’s parents instilled a sense of curiosity in him, and he immersed himself in any activity where he could express himself—like playing music, listening to music, art, reading and skateboarding. As he grew up (although he claims that’s still happening), Loring dreamed of becoming a marine biologist or finding a job where he’d get paid to just be in nature and make art. With his eye on that prize, he majored in Biology and challenged himself with many art classes at Bridgewater College. Since college, he has transformed his broad interests and skill sets into eclectic career opportunities.

Over the last three decades, Loring has worked in a handful of industries including the restaurant world, retail, wholesale, veterinary medicine, education technology, recruiting and sales. (Hey, we warned you it was eclectic!) In every industry he’s served, he’s found one commonality that the most successful organizations share: they empower their people to keep learning to be the best version of themselves.

That’s part of what Loring does at Estland. As Growth Champion, Loring champions all the growth. But really—Loring plays a pivotal role that includes traditional sales and recruitment duties and extends to process and people development for our expanding marketing agency. Loring craves collaboration and is the perfect person to build our client base and support our team. Day-to-day that looks like making sure our team is completely aligned with our clients’ hopes and dreams.

The most successful organizations empower people to keep learning to be the best versions of themselves. This growth strengthens the individuals and the organization equally.

Outside of work, Loring enjoys a balance of play, rest, and creativity. His leisure hours are dedicated to making art and spending time outdoors, which is why he loves living in the Shenandoah Valley—one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Some fun facts about him are that his favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is a platypus. The former because it makes noise at him (look it up—it’s called synesthesia) and the latter because it’s weird, cute and doesn’t make any sense in the natural world—each a testament to Loring’s appreciation for the unconventional.

headshot of Loring Gibson, Growth Champion at Estland