Kyle Frederick

Photo/Video Hybrid

Captain of the Estland Drone Armada

Kyle Frederick has been bringing pictures to life since he was a small child in Northern Virginia. While other kids were running around the Warrenton neighborhood where he lived, Kyle’s eye was behind the lens of his Sony handycam, documenting life and gaining hands-on experience that benefits Estland clients today.

Like many children, Kyle wanted to be an astronaut, fireman or police officer when he grew up. He wanted to feel the rocket launch into space, save the child from a burning building or keep his community safe. He’s a natural storyteller, and videography allows him to experience different jobs and opportunities while telling a compelling story from start to finish. It’s almost impossible not to feel goosebumps when you watch one of his brand videos or sift through his stunning photography.

Kyle’s parents always encouraged him to follow his passions. He attended James Madison University, studying digital filmmaking and cinema. He traveled to Bosnia during college to learn more about life after the Bosnian War. His film documenting that experience, A Mother’s Walk, won the prestigious Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Award in 2012. After graduating, Kyle worked in construction while establishing his wedding photography and videography business with his wife. Working in the wedding industry allowed Kyle to fine-tune his craft while building customer service and project management skills. Over 10 years, he built a strong reputation but couldn’t creatively explore other stories within such a niche market. Estland couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on our team, transporting our clients through a streamlined process for marketing their business.

I’m passionate about exploring the lives and professional journeys of our clients to discover their unique stories and backgrounds.

Kyle is a creator who finds long-term fulfillment by cobbling together raw footage into immersive storytelling experiences. In his free time, you can find him photographing a wedding, hiking in Shenandoah National Park or catching the latest Christopher Nolan movie with his wife. Oh, and if you’re getting married, Kyle has a few tips!

Kyle Frederick Headshot