Boost Sales By 30% With This Marketing Technique

A lot of business owners get so caught up in marketing plans that chase new customers that they overlook the goldmine they already have—their current customers.

Picture this: A year where your revenue significantly increases without the added complexity of acquiring new customers. Sounds intriguing, right?

This article discusses valuable tips to keep your sales pipeline robust by leveraging your current customer base.

Marketing To Your Existing Customers Is Often An Untapped Revenue Stream.

Attracting new customers is an essential part of business growth, no doubt about it. But in the hustle and bustle of bringing new people into the fold, it’s easy to lose sight of those who already trust and value your business.

The fact is, your existing customers are your easiest sell.

Vada Kelley, Owner & CEO, Estland

They’re familiar with your quality of service, and if you’ve done your job right, they’re already fans of your brand. Because they’re already a paying customer, you may assume they know everything you offer. Yet, periodic reminders about the breadth and depth of services you offer can reinforce their understanding and appreciation of your business value.

This is where cross-promotional marketing campaigns become game-changers.

You might be thinking, “This sounds like a lot of work and time I don’t have.” But let us assure you, this can be one of the simplest, lowest-budget ways to boost your sales.

8 Things Your Business Can Do Today To Boost Your Sales.

Here are our top marketing tips that will win you more business from your current customers:

1. Identify Your Customer Needs:

As a business owner with a range of services, understanding your customer base is key. Take time to analyze their needs, preferences and buying habits. This knowledge will guide your cross-promotion strategies effectively.

2. Create Irresistible Bundles:

Building bundles is a potent strategy. Everyone loves a good deal, and if they need multiple services but are on the fence about pulling the trigger, make the offer more appealing.

3. Leverage Email Marketing:

Utilize email marketing to communicate your cross-promotions to your existing customer base. Segment your email list based on customer preferences and purchase history to deliver tailored content.

4. Utilize Invoice Backers:

Create excellent ad designs on the back of your invoices (often referred to as ‘invoice backers.’) This is prime real estate to showcase your cross-promotions. Include compelling visuals and succinct messaging to pique curiosity and encourage further exploration.

5. Engage On Social Media:

Keep your social media feeds active by sharing engaging content showcasing your bundled services’ benefits. Use before-and-after photos, customer testimonials and informative video posts to generate interest and spark conversations.

6. Offer Exclusive Discounts:

Reward customer loyalty with exclusive discounts or limited-time offers. Highlight these in your emails, social media posts and invoice backers.

7. Educate With White Papers:

Continue educating your customers about the value of your expanded services. Create content that gives them an added benefit, offers free advice and leaves them asking for more.

8. Analyze and Adapt:

Monitor the performance of your cross-promotion efforts closely by tracking sales, customer engagement and the success of different marketing channels. Use this data to refine your strategies and optimize your cross-promotion campaigns.

Boost Your Bottom Line By Marketing More Effectively To Your Current Customers.

Incorporating these marketing tips into your cross-promotional strategy will help you maximize the profitability of your existing services and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Remember, your existing customers are your most valuable asset, and by offering them tailored, bundled solutions and engaging marketing, you can simultaneously boost their loyalty and your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about our cross-promotion marketing services.

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