Beverly Virkler

Creative Director

Brand Whisperer

Meet Beverly Virkler—a person who finds meaning in every color and feelings in every font. She’s also the brains behind the branding solutions we craft for our clients.

Beverly has lived in the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia, Texas and Alaska but is an “East Coast gal” at heart. Growing up, she enjoyed playing soccer and participating in band because she always loved being part of a team and surrounding herself with people who shared similar interests. (Also true of marketing agencies; just saying.)

Beverly’s creative curiosity started in a multimedia art class in high school, where she fell in love with graphic design and typography. At the time, she thought she might create the next “Up” or “Toy Story” for Pixar, but chose to stick to 2D instead and pursue a degree in graphic design from James Madison University (JMU).

After graduating from JMU, Beverly spent two decades working for design studios and advertising agencies in the DC metropolitan area, mainly within the new home and luxury real estate industry. In her last role as Creative Director at NDG Communications, Beverly led a team of designers and writers in crafting thoughtful and engaging brands and stories for some of the nation’s largest homebuilders. Creating an emotional connection through advertising was always top of mind since buying a home is the largest purchase (most) people make in their lifetime.

As Estland’s Creative Director, Beverly provides direction, vision and leadership to our team in web design, content marketing, photography, videography and digital advertising. Her expert guidance ensures we’re good stewards of our clients’ brands and that every project succeeds. Beyond her strategic contributions, Beverly plays a big part in mentoring and empowering our creative team members with their personal and professional growth, something she finds incredibly rewarding.

I love all of the thought and detail that goes into crafting a brand — the logo, typography, patterns, illustrations, photography, videography, messaging, and how that all works together to tell a unique story.

Beverly has a social calendar we all strive for. In the summer, she camps as much as possible with her husband and two dogs, a chocolate lab (Sage) and a golden retriever (Olive), in their renovated 1967 Shasta camper. In the winter, they venture to West Virginia for skiing weekends at Snowshoe and Timberline Mountains. The rest of the year, Beverly fills her free time by attending concerts, participating in her neighborhood book club, and exploring wineries and breweries across Virginia. She’s just the coolest.

headshot of Beverly Virkler, Creative Director at Estland