John Vaughan

Full Stack Web Development Director

King of Backend

John Vaughan is the man, the myth, the legend at Estland who works behind the scenes, updating and repairing websites for streamlined performance. Many of our clients haven’t met John, but if your website operates seamlessly, you have him to thank. He is a senior member of the Estland team, working with the brand since almost the very beginning to ensure websites are functional, accessible and fast. “Full stack” means John tackles both the back end of your system (servers, databases, internal architecture) AND the front end of websites (everything viewers can see and interact with). That skill set makes him a truly invaluable resource for our team.

John grew up in Virginia Beach, a military town where dreaming of being an Air Force pilot is standard operating procedure for most children. He was an avid athlete, playing tight end for his high school football team and wrestling in the 171 weight class. While he never joined the military, his childhood dream and athletic experience fostered a deep respect for teamwork and the benefits of working together towards a common goal.

Before attending James Madison University for computer science, John worked for a small audio and video installation company. Gaining hands-on experience running cables and installing hardware for movie theaters, warehouses and department stores gave him tactical skills that would prove invaluable to his work as a developer. Shortly after graduating, he took on a grant-funded position that included developing gamified multimedia applications for English and second language learners, and he wrote a content management system for teachers. During his career, he has expanded his professional skills and learned to manage tight deadlines and budgets with ease.

My favorite animal is a Quokka because they make everyone smile.

John is most passionate about creating web automations for clients to give them more time in their day to follow their passions. When he’s not busy supporting our clients, John likes to invite friends and family onto his boat at Lake Anna to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

John Vaughan Headshot