Hunter Davis

Web Update Administrator

Gate Keeper of Software Updates

Thank goodness for our dedicated Web Update Administrator, Hunter. She is our sure-footed update guru, providing our clients with efficient and accurate update maintenance support to ensure that your websites run effectively. In addition to updating websites, Hunter assists our team in administrative duties to ensure that our business runs seamlessly.

Hunter was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and spent most of her childhood pursuing anything and everything artistic. Her parents are avid supporters of community art and fostered an encouraging environment where Hunter was free to explore music and theater throughout her childhood. After studying Vocal Performance at Peace College in North Carolina, Hunter moved back to the Valley and worked as an Administrative Professional in various industries and in data management for clinical trials. While her children were young, she pivoted careers to work in their preschool, sharing her deep love of music with children to educate and enrich their lives. Her warm demeanor makes her a joy to work with, and her genuine dedication to helping and supporting others is an asset to our team and clients.

I love helping our team and clients because when they succeed, we all succeed.

When Hunter isn’t knee-deep in all things Estland, she’s busy raising three children with her wife, Jan. Her kiddos inherited her love of making music, with two pursuing undergraduate degrees in the field. She loves attending their frequent concerts and zoning out to her favorite reality show, Below Deck.

Hunter Davis Headshot