Johnathan Simpson

Web Director

Fix-it Felix

Growing up, Jonathan had three childhood goals. He wanted to have: 1.) a lab coat with his name on it, 2.), a professional name tag and 3.) an office with a door. Not only did he achieve his goals, he left them nearly indistinguishable in the wake of all his other accomplishments.

Johnathan grew up in Lynchburg, VA, playing Sonic the Hedgehog and building fansites for other passionate players of the game. In need of a distraction, his parents encouraged him to spend time outside, where he roamed the woods, exploring his surroundings and discovering a deep love for the natural world.

While Johnathan always wanted to be a web developer, a high school guidance counselor steered him to biology, believing he would find a more lucrative career in the sciences. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in biology, Johnathan worked as the Lead Quality Technician at Shamrock Farms. In that role, he got a lab coat with his name on it, but discovered more joy in tackling various tasks not in his job description. Once Johnathan determined he didn’t want to spend his life in a laboratory, he became the marketing guru at Innovative Refrigeration Services. There, he got to jump back into his first love — web development — and get a brand new name tag!

I like anything that's small and a little mischievous. A cat who's somewhere he's not supposed to be; a rat running away with a slice of pizza.

Johnathan’s scientific background and analytic approach have been an enormous asset to Estland since he joined the team in 2021 as a Digital Specialist. He is a powerhouse developer whose true passion lies in creating clean and reusable website components that are visually appealing on any screen. Now, as Digital Director, he leads our team of web developers to create solutions that help our clients make the most of their moment. Plus, he has an office with a door — capping off his professional bucket list!

When he isn’t writing content or tinkering with CSS, you can find him collecting and listening to Japanese rock music, catching the latest Marvel movie or spending time with his partner and mischievous cats.

Johnathan Simpson Headshot