Austin Raines

Digital Designer

Director of Playfulness & Charm

Austin has an insatiable curiosity that is a driving force in his career. He likes to know how things work, a characteristic that stems from his childhood dreams of being a Master Builder for LEGO®. It’s also why he studied Industrial Design at James Madison University and complements the Estland team so well — he designs websites and visual identities that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally relevant.

Austin grew up in Suffolk, VA—the Peanut Capital of the world. He attended a small high school, participating in every sport the school offered, so they could play against out-of-town competitors. In the athletic realm, he learned how to build, foster and maintain relationships with people of different ages, levels and abilities. That skill continues to serve him well as he works with diverse clients and businesses to personify their brands.

After starting at JMU in the Engineering department, Austin switched to Industrial Design to work with his hands and tinker with projects in the fabrication labs. After graduating, he worked for Cartel, an innovative design company out of St. Louis, Missouri. While at Cartel, he rebranded and marketed nonprofits, finding inspiration in their passion for fulfilling their missions and serving their communities.

There’s nothing better than seeing a client’s face light up when they see their new branding come together . . . that and a blueberry muffin.

While they enjoyed life in Missouri, Austin and his wife, Rachael, wanted to return to Harrisonburg because they missed the mountains and the unbelievable blueberry muffins from Heritage Bakery. Austin is Estland’s brand genius, channeling his curiosity and skills into innovative designs for logos, websites, vehicle graphics and more. He has a highly-elevated sense of style that transforms local and out-of-town businesses. In his free time, Austin and his wife are avid pickleball enthusiasts and enjoy hiking with their two corgis and binge-watching episodes of The Office for the 101st time.

Austin Raines Headshot