Case Studies

Euliss Propane

Gas & Oil Branding

Guiding A Respected Business Through A Branding Transformation

Nothing feels better than branding you are proud of and passionate about. If your website, apparel and trucks feel outdated, customers may think your services are outdated. Bottom line – visual appeal attracts more customers. And when it’s time to update your website, it is often time to take a closer look at your brand as a whole.

When we first met with Chris Stanley over at Euliss Propane, we discussed rebuilding their website to bring Euliss up-to-date and into the 21st Century. We wanted to provide Euliss with an online web platform that could work as an effective sales tool. Chris wanted to integrate his website with the MyFuel Portal so that his customers could pay their bills online and check to see their tank levels. He knew that a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use website was a necessary investment and Estland delivered.

Keystone Propane

Web Design Built For Growth

Web Design & Rebrand That Competes With Industry Giants

Keystone Propane, a leading propane distribution company in Northeast PA, faced challenges in the modern market due to outdated branding, web design, messaging and overall digital presence. With a strong commitment to innovation and growth, Keystone Propane enlisted our expertise to undertake a comprehensive rebrand and marketing overhaul.

Keystone Propane needed help keeping up with the evolving demands of a competitive market. Their team felt their marketing hindered their ability to connect with potential customers. They required a complete transformation of their identity and communication strategy to thrive in this environment.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden

Gas & Oil Branding

That Pushes Ahead Of The Competition

The fuel industry is highly competitive, so when Tim Hutchens and his team changed their company name after a recent acquisition, they knew it was important to rebrand and market Hutchens Rentz-Eden (HRE) to distinguish it from its competitors. One of Tim’s colleagues recommended Estland because of our significant experience and success marketing the gas and oil industry. We got to work immediately, researching the competition and identifying effective strategies to promote long-term growth. The result? Succinct messaging, increased online visibility and a powerful visual identity that showcases HRE at its finest.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden has been fueling everyday life since 1975. They distribute fuel to gas stations and commercial clients in North Carolina and Virginia. They also sell lubricants to automotive repair shops, retail businesses and commercial clients in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Over the years, the HRE team had found it challenging to communicate with multiple distinct customer types over a broad and varied service area. With that in mind, our team created comprehensive messaging to address each audience while reinforcing the company’s history. We modernized the logo to appeal to 21st-century customers and applied it to tanks, trucks, t-shirts, sales brochures, banners and more. We integrated their messaging and visual identity into a user-friendly website communicating their products and services to distinct audiences.

Valley Roofing & Exteriors

Construction Marketing

That Stands Out In A Crowded Industry

Building and marketing a business from the ground up takes a strong leader and bold visionary. Anson Martin, founder and owner of Valley Roofing & Exteriors (VR&E), embodies that entrepreneurial spirit, creating an industry-leading roofing and remodeling business in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Estland has worked with VR&E for over a decade, helping Anson grow his business by over 600%. In that time, VR&E has purchased several smaller companies and expanded their offerings to include siding, windows, doors and sunrooms.

When Anson first contacted Estland, he needed an attractive and functional online presence to showcase his company and compete with thousands of other contractors. After speaking with Vada Kelley for just five minutes, he knew he had found the perfect fit for marketing his business. What started as a simple web design and development project quickly segued into an updated visual identity, messaging framework, print advertising, digital marketing and more. During our relationship, VR&E has cemented their reputation in the community, the team has grown five times bigger and sales have skyrocketed. Anson attributes their success to first-rate customer service, long-lasting durability and top-notch marketing from their partners at Estland.

Sunrise Farms

Agriculture Branding

Captivating An Audience To Tell A Brand’s Story

When the Miller brothers first contacted Estland, they sought a branding and marketing partner to advertise their Non-GMO feed, local meat, pastured eggs and raw honey to markets outside of their location in Stuarts Draft, VA. Business was booming, and their reputation was growing, but their online infrastructure required work. They needed Estland’s help driving traffic to their website and marketing to two distinct audiences – meats and feeds.

Estland updated the visual identity for Sunrise Farms and designed and developed a new website with custom content written and optimized for all search engines. With strategic keyword placement, custom photography and videography, we increased organic traffic to their site by more than 100%. We improved the user experience by designing and developing a custom map showcasing delivery routes while clarifying which products are available in which market. When the pandemic rolled in, we added online ordering, so customers could order meats, eggs and honey and schedule delivery to their home or business. Throughout all our efforts, we have reinforced Sunrise Farms’ values as an sustainable business with deep roots in the community they know and love.

Hall Propane

Gas & Oil Marketing That Works

Marketing That Competes Against Industry Giants

It was Anthony Hall’s lifelong dream to run the family business. While growing up, he worked in every position at the company – from delivery and installation to sales and customer support. He gained valuable experience and witnessed, first hand, the increase in competition within the propane industry as out-of-town corporations began inundating rural North Carolina with their slick sales pitches and nationwide names. Anthony Hall turned to Estland for our comprehensive marketing services to best serve his existing customers and compete in a highly volatile market.