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That Stands Out In A Crowded Industry

Building and marketing a business from the ground up takes a strong leader and bold visionary. Anson Martin, founder and owner of Valley Roofing & Exteriors (VR&E), embodies that entrepreneurial spirit, creating an industry-leading roofing and remodeling business in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Estland has worked with VR&E for over a decade, helping Anson grow his business by over 600%. In that time, VR&E has purchased several smaller companies and expanded their offerings to include siding, windows, doors and sunrooms.

When Anson first contacted Estland, he needed an attractive and functional online presence to showcase his company and compete with thousands of other contractors. After speaking with Vada Kelley for just five minutes, he knew he had found the perfect fit for marketing his business. What started as a simple web design and development project quickly segued into an updated visual identity, messaging framework, print advertising, digital marketing and more. During our relationship, VR&E has cemented their reputation in the community, the team has grown five times bigger and sales have skyrocketed. Anson attributes their success to first-rate customer service, long-lasting durability and top-notch marketing from their partners at Estland.