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Hutchens Rentz-Eden

Gas & Oil Branding

That Pushes Ahead Of The Competition

The fuel industry is highly competitive, so when Tim Hutchens and his team changed their company name after a recent acquisition, they knew it was important to rebrand and market Hutchens Rentz-Eden (HRE) to distinguish it from its competitors. One of Tim’s colleagues recommended Estland because of our significant experience and success marketing the gas and oil industry. We got to work immediately, researching the competition and identifying effective strategies to promote long-term growth. The result? Succinct messaging, increased online visibility and a powerful visual identity that showcases HRE at its finest.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden has been fueling everyday life since 1975. They distribute fuel to gas stations and commercial clients in North Carolina and Virginia. They also sell lubricants to automotive repair shops, retail businesses and commercial clients in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Over the years, the HRE team had found it challenging to communicate with multiple distinct customer types over a broad and varied service area. With that in mind, our team created comprehensive messaging to address each audience while reinforcing the company’s history. We modernized the logo to appeal to 21st-century customers and applied it to tanks, trucks, t-shirts, sales brochures, banners and more. We integrated their messaging and visual identity into a user-friendly website communicating their products and services to distinct audiences.