Case Studies

Healthy Community Collaborative

Nonprofit Marketing


Transforming An Established Initiative With Fresh & Vibrant Marketing

Nonprofit marketing is immensely rewarding. Nothing feels better than helping a deserving initiative promote its products and services to support the community where you live and work. Our team is passionate about creating vivid and inspiring branding, websites, messaging and digital ads that transform these much-needed organizations. Over the past several years, Maureen Bowler (Mo) from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board (HRCSB) has been a valued partner of Estland. She’s a grant-writing wizard who has brought more funds into the community to support vital infrastructure and we’re incredibly proud to help her through each phase of her projects.

The Healthy Community Collaborative (HCC) was established in 1996 to conduct assessments on community needs. Their work is vital to the Harrisonburg community, but their branding and messaging didn’t align with their vision. That’s where Mo and Estland came together to create a fresh, vibrant, and long-lasting brand that inspires other nonprofits to collaborate with them and improve the community we know and love.

Griffith Bag Co.

A Modern Rebrand

With Vintage Charm: Logo, Web Design & More!

When Mike and Melanie Smith purchased Griffith Bag Company in 2020, they had a vision – to infuse a touch of vintage charm into a brand deeply rooted in tradition, while propelling it into the digital age. With over 75 years of service in the agricultural and landscaping industries, Griffith Bag Co. possessed a strong legacy, but its branding had become dated, and it was virtually invisible online.

Oak Hill Wealth Advisors

Financial Services Marketing is About the Relationship

Through Storytelling We Engage Prospective Clients

Financial services marketing looks a little different from marketing other industries. When experienced CFP®’s Patrick Larkin and Timothy Schmidt decided to open their own wealth management firm, they had specific requirements for their chosen marketing agency:

  • Financial industry marketing experience
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements
  • A creative approach to marketing an esoteric industry

With extensive financial industry marketing experience, Estland was the perfect marketing partner for Oak Hill Wealth Advisors.

Financial planners can spend years fostering connections with their clients. Our decades of storytelling experience can seamlessly facilitate those relationships by transporting target audiences from the first step of the process through the last. By using language to build credibility and empathy, we set the foundation for a long-lasting relationship between the client and the advisor.

Twin Feathers

Energy Industry Marketing

Comprehensive Marketing For An Established Brand

In 2021, J.D. Buss of Twin Feathers approached Estland to enhance the branding, web presence, and marketing efforts of his commodity advising firm based in Overland Park, Kansas. Despite Twin Feathers’ extensive experience in nurturing enduring client relationships, they encountered difficulty in effectively conveying their value proposition through their website and marketing materials.

To address this challenge, Estland embarked on a comprehensive messaging strategy, aiming to distill Twin Feathers’ services and streamline their communication channels. We immersed ourselves in understanding every facet of their brand and engaged in close collaboration with J.D. and Tina. Together, we crafted a compelling tagline, defined a clear mission and vision, established core values, and formulated an impactful elevator pitch that not only resonated with their target audience but also aligned seamlessly with their long-term objectives.

The most intricate yet rewarding aspect of this messaging transformation involved segmenting Twin Feathers’ services into three distinct packages and articulating precisely what clients could anticipate from each offering. By delving deeply into this messaging process, Twin Feathers successfully realigned their services and values with their brand, enabling them to present a unified and compelling message to their clientele.