What Is “Dark Mode” And Why It Matters For Business Owners

Recent studies show that over 80% of people use dark mode on their phones.

While “light mode” is still the default on most devices, recent studies show that over 80% of people use dark mode on their phones. Dark mode affects how your emails, social media, website and ads look to those users. Read on to find out how your business can prepare for dark mode.

What Is Dark Mode & Why Is It Popular?

“Dark mode” is a display setting on smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. It inverts the display to show lighter text against a dark or black background (dark mode) instead of dark text on a lighter background (light mode).

People opt for dark mode because they claim it:

  • Prolongs battery life,
  • Reduces eye strain,
  • Emits less blue light, and
  • It’s just plain trendy.

Considering the average American spends 7 hours looking at a screen every day, the reasons to choose dark mode make sense. Plus, it’s widely available across Windows and MacOS, Apple and Android phones, Safari and Chrome and on countless apps and websites.

Make Sure You Check Your Email Signature In Dark Mode.

Consider dark mode in your current and future designs if your business uses email marketing. It’s essential to design your email with light and dark mode experiences in mind and know how different email clients adapt to it. Some, like Apple Mail, allow designers to control colors and images. Others, like Outlook, will make automatic changes and invert colors.

Your Social Media Presence Should Keep Dark Mode In Mind.

All social media platforms have added dark mode. If your business uses social media, check how your banner and logo images render in dark mode, then update accordingly. Furthermore, consider how posts look in dark mode; graphics with lots of stark white or black may look bad, resulting in less engagement.

example of dark mode responsiveness

Your Company’s Website Should Be Dark Mode Ready.

The dark mode changes don’t stop at emails and social media; customers want your website to adjust to dark mode automatically too. This is especially important for businesses that rely on e-commerce since even the slightest annoyance can turn customers away.

Consider contacting a professional web development company to update your website to automatically switch to a dark theme when a customer has dark mode enabled.

You Need A Logo & Brand Guide That Works In All Situations.

Dark mode requires more variants in company logos and brand colors. An all-black logo may look amazing on your Facebook page or website, but it will fade into the background with dark mode enabled. Any brand guide from a professional graphic designer will design with dark mode popularity in mind and offer variants that look good in all situations while maintaining your brand’s identity.

Estland Can Help Your Business Prepare For Dark Mode.

Unsure if your business’s marketing is compatible with dark mode? Let us check for you! The graphic design team at Estland will check your branding across multiple platforms and make updates as necessary. If your business needs help getting dark mode ready, contact us for a consultation today.

Are You Ready For Dark Mode?