Geo-fencing, Geo-targeting, Remarketing & All Those Fancy Marketing Strategies Are Put To Work

Have your heard the terms geo-targeting, geo-fencing or remarketing? And do you get overwhelmed at the thought of understanding or utilizing these strategies? Don’t worry, we are here to demystify them for you as we create digital advertising solutions that reach your exact goals. With sophisticated technologies we are able to target by audience demographics and show your ads within a few feet of a geographic location. We are able to remarket your ads to folks who have shown interest in your company in a way that converts a browser into a buyer.

If You Can’t Track It, You Aren’t Doing It Right.

We install analytics that track your online ad leads so that you know exactly how many folks call you, fill out a form or request an estimate. You’ll also know exact click paths and which ads attract more leads so that you can discard the ads that aren’t performing well and ramp up the ads that excell. We keep you updated with custom reports mailed to your inbox and we monitor your accounts daily for optimal success. We know how to build ads that convert shoppers into buyers and we become your advertising partner for sustainable growth.

We’re Not Going Anywhere.

Since 2004, Estland has been designing custom digital advertising campaigns for businesses across the globe. We are committed to elevating your brand’s performance in the marketplace. Our data-driven approach ensures optimal success at the lowest possible cost. Contact a member of our team to learn more about how digital advertising can grow your business.