Maintain Consistency For Optimal Brand Recognition.

Have you ever seen a tagline from a company you recognize that is completely different from the tagline on their sign? Or a logo that looks fantastic in full color on the side of a truck, but is distorted and barely recognizable in black-and-white print? Those are examples of inconsistent branding. Why go through the process of getting a new logo and website if the ads running in the paper are still using the old branding? That’s where the Estland brand guide comes in. In addition to logo design, rebranding, graphic design, we can develop a brand guide to help ensure that you have a consistent image and voice.

Harrisonburg Brand Experts Can Help You Find Your Voice.

Does your logo still look good in black and white? What tone of voice should you use in e-Newsletters or in printed literature? Creating a guide to give vendors who are involved with your brand helps establish application rules for consistency everywhere your brand shows up. We build out guidelines for your logo, it’s placement, your color palette, your font styles and all applications. Estland’s creative team also provides you with examples of how to use the brand guide to maximize the visibility for your company.

Have You Outgrown Your Brand? Estland can help you move to the next level with rebranding.

When you started out years ago, perhaps your brand was perfectly adequate. But times have changed, and you’ve grown. Estland has more than 15 years of experience helping companies in Harrisonburg, Staunton, and around the world rebrand without losing recognition or business. A successful rebrand involves creating a campaign to gain excitement behind your new look. Our rebranding experts in Harrisonburg will take you through this process with ease, ensuring that your clients remain excited about the transformation.