Should I really consider blogging?

The answer is yes. Blogging regularly can establish you as the local expert in your field as you share relevant information and search engines register new content. Many people don’t know how important blogs are in creating an effective website. Remember that your search engine rank placements (SERPS) will start to drop if you aren’t adding new content to your site on a regular basis. Estland will show you that in just a few short weeks of blogging you can easily triple your chances of coming up in a Google search. Blogs don’t have to be a two-way conversation, they can simply be a place where you write about news topic related to your field. Some companies use their FAQ’s as blog articles; others use it for a place to educate readers about their field.

What if I don’t have the time?

Another misconception is that blogging will be a time waster. If you’re already at capacity with your current tasks, why should you add to your plate? How long does it take? Some of the most effective bloggers we know spend only one hour per week blogging. They also use blogging as their only marketing tool. Think about the hundreds or rather thousands of marketing dollars your business spends each year. The advantages far outweigh the time commitment. However, if you want to further streamline the process, consider batching your blogs. Spend one day writing all of your blog posts for the next 6 or 12 months and then just schedule them to post weekly, monthly or however often you’d like. Another option is to hire us to professionally write your blogs for you.

How-to blogging sessions for the beginner or avid blogger who wants to improve their online success!

Estland is excited to offer blog training strategy services for our clients. Through this training program we will help you become known as the local expert in your field. Our blog training sessions include:

  • Choosing topics that drive results
  • Creating categories that assist in easy navigation
  • Keyword integration
  • Content strategy writing and editing
  • Creating follower engagement
  • Blog etiquette

If you are interested in our services please fill out our free estimate form to get started today.

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