Video Makes An Emotional Connection And Showcases Your Brand In Seconds.

Estland creates videos that engage your audience and showcase your products and services in minutes. From television commercials, to web and social media content, video can boost your credibility and enhance SEO and online visibility like no other platform. Having a great video is half the battle and knowing how to use that video asset to boost leads and grow your business is our expertise.

Web Surfers Are Short On Time And Attention.

Did you know the the average amount of time spent on a site online is approximately 1.5 minutes… and that’s if the viewer is interested? In the fast-paced world we live in today we are short on time and attention. Studies show that we spend more time online watching short videos than actually reading the site content.

Attract Higher Conversions With Video.

When creating an engaging website, we need to remember that text is nice, images are better, and video is best. Keeping your video content short, sweet and to the point will provide more engagement, more credibility and more visitors.