Estland Is Offering $5,000 Of Marketing Services To A Business Affected By The Staunton Flood.

Small businesses in Staunton have been working hard for months to adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to keep customers and employees safe while finding ways to safely reopen. And then on August 8, and again on August 22, it poured. Streets in downtown Staunton turned into rivers, flooding storefronts, shops, restaurants, and offices, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

The marketing team at Estland has been helping small businesses in the Shenandoah Valley achieve their marketing and sales goals since 2004. We are inspired by the determination and resiliency of Staunton’s locally-owned businesses as they reopen after the flood, and want to help in those #StauntonStrong efforts.

Businesses Should Apply By Sept. 10

Estland is offering up to $5,000 of marketing services for free to one business affected by the flood. We are accepting nominations through September 10 from businesses in Staunton that have been affected by the flood. We will choose the top three finalists and invite the Staunton community to vote on the final recipient. Our marketing services will help boost a local business and help get them back on their feet during this challenging time.

  • Strategize to create new revenue streams

  • Shift to sell your services online

  • Nurture your prospects with continuous engagement

  • Adjust your messaging and digital advertising

  • Boost your leads with strategic ad campaigns