Measure The Success Of Your Marketing Dollars.

Every business benefits from clear analytics. You may have metrics in place to see how your marketing dollars are working for you, or you may be ready to set-up tracking. We work with both situations, partnering with you in an on-going effort to make sure your marketing dollars yield the greatest results. We do an analysis of current strategy and campaigns to know what is doing well and what’s not doing well. When we know exactly how efforts are performing, we can strategically improve your marketing.

Estland Develops Long-Term Marketing Strategy That Performs.

Your business goals need a marketing engine behind them. We can plug into your organization as the marketing arm of your team, or work directly with your marketing director to develop marketing strategy for 1-3 years at a time. We’ll provide big picture goals and objectives with metrics for success along the way. We look at branding, overall messaging, online advertising such as AdWords, Facebook, and online directory listings, and regular communication with your clients including newsletters and events, among other things. Since long-term marketing strategy is only as strong as its implementation, we manage each phase and component with an eye to adjusting for success. We measure your cost-per-converted-lead and work to get it where you want it to be. Knowing your margins throughout the year helps fine-tune marketing to meet your goals. As a collaborator in your success, we have monthly or quarterly meetings with you to review strategy performance.

On-Going Marketing Management Supports Healthy Margins.

Good marketing doesn’t have to mean expensive marketing. The solution may not be to spend more money across platforms, but to move the dollars you’re already spending to places with the greatest return. With online metrics, we know exactly how you’re doing and make recommendations accordingly. While online marketing is easier to measure than overall brand recognition and credibility, we take measures to regularly test your target market and survey existing clientele to keep a finger on the pulse of your business identity. Feedback is invaluable and Estland knows how to keep you in the conversation. We also provide customized training in how to read and manage your analytics. Our goal is to empower you in a completely collaborative process.