Increase Your Brand’s Exposure With Custom Merchandise.

Creatively designed custom merchandise is a constant reminder of the products and services you offer. Elevate your business to the next level with consistent marketing merchandise designed to reinforce your brand. From tshirts to truck wraps, Estland’s professional design services integrate your logo and tagline to maximize exposure and represent your business both professionally and consistently.

We Get Creative With Promotional Products That Wow Your Clients.

At Estland, our in-house designers apply your brand to the products that relate to your industry. From safety t-shirts for contractors to stress balls for therapists, we take a creative approach to your promotional products to maximize their effect on potential clients. High quality design makes a difference and provides the subtle nudge customers need to choose you over your competitors. Since you know your potential clients best, our efforts are always collaborative and tailored to suit the needs of your business, industry, and market.

We Maximize Your Brand’s Credibility.

Branding uniforms, hats, t-shirts, and other promotional products builds upon the integrity of your business. When your employees wear hats and/or uniforms, they’re representing your brand and are your best advertisement. When clients use your pens and notepads, you are reminding them of the products and services you offer. Ensure your advertisements are effective with creative and consistent branding delivered through different marketing materials and collateral. Our designs inspire business, generate leads, and add credibility to your organization.

shreckhise Promotional Product Design

Increase Brand Awareness By 89%!

According to Sage, an industry leader in research and business management tools for the promotional product industry, 89% of people can recall the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the last two years. This is an impressive statistic and supports the use of custom merchandise to increase your brand’s exposure in the marketplace. Since 2004, we’ve designed promotional materials to do just that; to bolster and grow your brand. Our custom merchandise provides subtle reminders to your clients that you are an established and experienced business, reinforcing your image in the marketplace. No matter the nature of your marketing needs, our team partners with you to ensure your business is represented professionally and consistently in all your custom merchandise.