Everyone Hates More Emails –Fact or Fiction?

With an average open rate of 44% and an average click through rate of 19% our clients are sending more e-newsletters than ever before. We create e-newsletters that drive action and inspire sales. If you haven’t had luck with them in the past, try these tips:

  • Only send e-newsletters to folks to sign up, don’t send to folks who don’t expect it
  • Create useful, engaging content that nurtures the relationship and showcases your expertise
  • Tell your readers what to do next with a strong call to action
  • Add a limited time special offer to increase the urgency to buy now

Maintaining Connection Is A Key Ingredient To Marketing Success.

Estland is a firm believer in maintaining excellent communication with past, present and future clients through consistent e-newsletters that nurture your relationship. What better way to keep in touch and stay top-of-mind with your contact list(s) than to send them free, useful information about your industry and special offers?

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