Small Business Rescue For Long Term Stability

Times are tough. We understand that small businesses need help to make it through the COVID-19 crisis. We value our small business community and we want to help in anyway that we can.

And that’s why Estland has partnered with F&M Bank to enable local small businesses to get discounted marketing services with loan options to pay later. It’s time to adapt marketing methods quickly to generate income for those Shenandoah Valley Businesses who have been deeply impacted by COVID-19.

If your business is eligible for both the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (this program is currently paused), you can qualify for up to 40% off of Estland marketing services. Combine that with a small business loan from F&M Bank and you can get the help you need for a sustainable future.

  • Strategize to create new revenue streams

  • Shift to sell your services online

  • Nurture your prospects with continuous engagement

  • Adjust your messaging and digital advertising before it’s too late

  • Boost your leads with strategic ad campaigns