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Smart Marketing Amid COVID-19

Business consulting unlike any other.

Estland has a unique approach to enhancing your business that combines methods derived from mind-body unification in eastern philosophy with cutting edge western business practices. We have four main areas of focus: Viability, visibility, vibe and value.
Your profit margins, your marketing and brand, your “vibe” a.k.a. company culture, and the value you are giving to your clients, employees and yourself deeply impact the success of your business. Our process guides you through defining success and creating clear pathways to meet your goals.
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  • Viability

    An in-depth review of your profit and loss.

  • Visability

    Do people know you exist?

  • Vibe

    Your company culture.

  • Value

    This is the value given back to your clients, your employees and your community.

Our process is focused on you.

Each business adds unique value to its community. At Estland, we recognize that the intricacies of each business require a customized response. We don’t approach you with a one-size-fits-all agenda. We listen and build a business consulting program to initiate the change that will make the difference for your business. Working within our four areas of focus, we direct our efforts and attention to the right balance to improve your bottom line. We partner with you every step of the way, inviting your full participation and respecting your business values and relationships. Our process includes preliminary interviewing, customized planning for action, optional coaching for key stakeholders, and follow-up services and check-ins. 

Expect data-driven results you can calculate immediately.

The formula for your business success is in the details. We offer organizational tools and data tracking to give you a clear picture of your business and offer means to calculate success and plan for your goals. Using readily available technology, our solutions make managing and following business strategies easier. When you know where you are, can see where you are going, and have a clear idea of where you want to be, you can make adjustments and fine tune the elements of your business that will move you along your chosen path. Our comprehensive process creates direct links between greater goals and daily operations to maximize efficiency.

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