Measures Your Results.

    New vs. returning site visits.
    Where in the world are my visits coming from?
    What percentage of my site traffic converts into an actual sale?
    Track the steps of your site visits from click to click to see what pages and services are more popular?
    If you can track it, Google has created a report for it! You name it, we can track it (within the constraints of the law).

Google Analytics To Track Your Online Marketing Results.

You’ve spent the money for a quality website, so how can it help you cozy up to your target market? Combining Search Engine Optimization knowledge with a metric to track your website’s use gives you the distinct advantage of knowing, when, where and with which terms people are finding you online. Estland integrates Google Analytics software into every site we build to ensure you have all the tools you need to track your online marketing efforts. You can easily see charts and graphs of your site’s activity, where in the world people are clicking in from, and how often they visit you. You can track visitor trends as well as what keywords they typed in to get to your site. Everyone should have this software installed on their site! Are you ready to get started?

If You Can’t Track It, You Can’t Improve It!

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